Sports Injury Treatment in Fairfax, VA

Sports Injury Specialist

Whether you enjoy football, basketball, cycling, skating, or skateboarding, odds are you’ve injured your spine or joints at least once in your life. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 460,000 exercise-related injuries were recorded in 2019. 

It is very easy to bend the back the wrong way or twist the body in an unnatural position when working out. But, it is even easier to hurt the back if you are new to working out or just getting back in shape.

How Did My Back Get Into Such Bad Shape?

Different physical activities can add significant pressure on the spine. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing them. On the contrary, sports and any physical activity you choose will keep the body in great shape. 

But, to be able to go above and beyond with your fitness results, you need to provide your bones, muscles, and joints with the ultimate opportunity for growth and development. That’s where chiropractic care can help. The Active Family Wellness in Fairfax will get you back on the right track with unique spine manipulation techniques.

How Can Restoring Proper Alignment Fix the Back?

Dr. Gregory Lee DC, a licensed and experienced chiropractor in Fairfax, will pinpoint the pinched nerve and abnormal moving joints, reduce the muscles’ tension, and reposition the bone that’s interfering with the normal function. In other words, the treatment removes nerve interference in the body so that there is an optimal brain-body connection. 

Spinal Mobilization – How Does It Work?

The mission of Active Family Wellness is to treat people and help them live in optimal health, and prevent further injuries.

The treatment is all about relieving the tension and making the nervous system less susceptible to injury. Not only can restoring proper alignment alleviate the pain, but it can also enhance athletic performance. For those who are prone to sports injuries, chiropractic care makes for a solid choice. Also, feel free to contact Dr. Gregory Lee DC at the Active Family Wellness for more details.