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Whiplash, also known as a neck sprain or neck strain, is from a sudden jerking motion that must often be caused by an automobile accident.

Sometimes an auto accident victim who experiences neck sprain/whiplash may not feel pain right after the accident. However, it is important to see a Chiropractor right away. Instead of taking painkillers that provide temporary relief, it is better to see a Chiropractor experienced in treating whiplash and auto accident injuries.

Dr. Gregory Lee DC of Active Family Wellness is a highly rated Chiropractor in Fairfax, Virginia, with many years of experience in treating whiplash injuries resulting from car accidents.

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Symptoms of Auto Accident injuries / Whiplash

A headache is a common symptom of a whiplash injury. This headache may present itself as a migraine-like headache or exacerbate an existing headache.

“Referred” pain may also occur from a whiplash injury. Referred pain is actually felt at other parts of the body that is different from the body part that was actually injured. In the case of an auto-accident whiplash injury, sometimes pain in the arm and/or shoulder is referred from the neck.

Auto collisions can result in low back pain. Low back pain that results from whiplash may be caused by injury to the sacroiliac joints, the discs, or the facet joints of the low back. Lower back pain is often referred to from the neck.

A health professional could also easily diagnose a nerve compression which could cause arm pain or arm heaviness. Nerve compression pains may also result from whiplash.

The patient could also experience these very common symptoms after whiplash from auto accident injury:

  • Neck pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Worsening of pain with neck movement
  • Loss of range of motion in the neck

Temporary Pain Relief for Auto Accident Injuries / Whiplash

The goals of treatment of a whiplash injury are to relieve pain, restore motion in the neck, and return to normal activities with time.

To control pain, ice or heat treatment may also be used to reduce inflammation and control pain. Proper rest is also recommended for whiplash patients.

Your chiropractor may also recommend a number of motion exercises or stretches to restore motion to the neck in a gradual manner.

Many patients benefit from over-the-counter (OTC) analgesic medication such as Ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), and local pain relief balm or ointments. These pain relief medications will help with discomforting pain with a view to more robust management of the whiplash injury.

Causes of Auto Accident Injuries / Whiplash

When a vehicle forcefully halts, jerks, or swerves as a result of a collision, this may cause the driver or passengers to turn or jerk their necks suddenly. This forceful impact on the neck and head can result in tears, stretches, and damage to the muscles, discs, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues of the neck.

A whiplash injury can also be caused by the following:

  • Automobile Accidents: Rear-end collisions, fender-bender collisions can cause whiplash.
  • Fights and Physical Assault: When someone is shaken by the neck or punched, whiplash can occur.
  • Sports: Football, boxing, and other contact sports-related collisions may cause whiplash to occur

How Can Whiplash Injury Treat?

Chiropractors at Active Family Wellness will discuss symptoms with the patient and often recommend x-ray imaging to understand the impact of the injury. The common treatment procedures include adjustments, neck adjustments, deep tissue laser therapy, etc.

Long-Term Problems That Can Happen Due to Ignoring Auto Accident Injuries / Whiplash

A chronic debilitating kind of neck pain may occur when a whiplash injury is poorly managed. Neck muscle spasms may also occur, leading to increased pain and stiffness.

In some very severe cases, patients get a stiff neck with limited or no motion of their injured neck. There may also be a long-term impact on the cervical discs and degenerative joint disease.

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How do we treat Auto Accident injuries?

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Do not ignore your Auto Accident Injuries / Whiplash, it can become worse overtime. It’s important to consult with the doctor and understand the root cause of Accident Injuries / Whiplash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be the hidden damages to the body due to auto accidents?

Your doctor may prescribe Xray or other body scans and imaging as he/she sees fit. This is done to ascertain the impact was sustained in the suspected body parts. It is in your best interest to see a doctor after an auto accident, even if you generally feel well after the incident.

Some occult complications may include internal organ bleeding, traumatic brain injury, and the rest.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries / Whiplash?

Please contact the clinic at (703) 373-7113 to learn about various options available.

Why do minor collisions cause so much trauma to the spine?

This is because the impact of most auto accidents is to the base of the back. Also, the spine is that skeletal framework that holds up your upper body and protects it as well.

Can I prevent a whiplash injury?

A whiplash injury may be prevented by careful driving while obeying all necessary road traffic regulations.

  • Avoid over-speeding.
  • Do not engage in physical fights.
  • Wear your seatbelts and use protective gear in contact sports.

How long are you sore after a car accident?

This depends on the impact/gravity of the car accidents. For mild injuries, pain may last from some days to a few weeks. It is lesser if properly managed with analgesics and physiotherapy.

Is it normal to throw up after a car accident?

Some auto accident victims may throw up because of all the sudden motions that occur in a road traffic accident. These could lead to vestibular disturbance and progress as vomiting and nausea as symptoms. It could be psychological also.

Can you get a concussion from a minor car accident?

Impact on the head from an auto accident or a whiplash injury may result in a minor concussion. The patient may come back around on his own, but the proper medical evaluation is always required.

Can you sue for emotional distress from a car accident & how to prove this?

Discuss with your legal adviser to know the extent of your legal rights in this scenario.

To prove this you may have to bring an authentic psychological evaluation or a complete medical report. Discuss with your insurance provider to deduce how to prove this.

What is the most common injury in Car accident?

A lot of injuries may ensue from an auto accident, and they include whiplash, back pain, knee pain, fractures, traumatic brain injury.

Why is my car accident settlement taking so long?

Settlements may be delayed due to the insurance companies wanting to consult due diligence or if large claims are involved.

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