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How long does it take to feel better after seeing a Fairfax chiropractor?

Chiropractic Care

When dealing with pain, reduced range of motion, and tension, it’s natural to wonder how long it takes for different treatment approaches to work. When you schedule an appointment to see a chiropractor in Fairfax, VA, the biggest question that comes to your mind is how long it takes to feel better after the adjustment.

The reality is that there is no precise answer to that question. Of course, some estimates are depend on the average time it has taken for other similar treatments to work. However, we need to keep in mind that every person is different, and their reactions to chiropractic adjustments may vary. The amount of time it takes for a chiropractic adjustment to work depends on the injury/condition causing your symptoms, treatment plan, and the patient.

Many patients feel better immediately after the spinal manipulation, and they feel more energized. Other patients may experience a little bit of pain or discomfort after treatment and feel better once these effects go away. However, they rarely last longer than 24 hours. 

The initial improvement after the chiropractic adjustment may be temporary. However, long-term correction of the underlying problem brings consistent relief. Many chiropractors offer a patient choice of whether they want relief care or correction care. This information enables a chiropractor to create the most suitable treatment approach. Keep in mind that some chiropractors will not offer a relief-only option, usually when the pathology is easily treatable. 

Relief and consistent care involve several types of injuries, including:

Spinal misalignment

Musculoskeletal pain resulting from spinal misalignment can negatively affect your overall health, posture, and balance. However, most patients feel better immediately after the chiropractic adjustment. This is particularly the case with recent injuries.

Nerve pain or numbness

Compression or irritation from muscles or the spinal column is the most common cause of nerve pain or numbness. The role of a chiropractic adjustment is to act on the exact cause and place of irritation to bring relief. In addition to chiropractic care, lifestyle modifications are necessary, especially if you have general nerve pain in the upper or lower limbs. Four to eight weeks are essential to feel much better.

What you can expect

The chiropractor discusses medical history during your first visit. Besides medical history, the chiropractor also performs a physical exam and may order some tests such as x-ray to visualize internal structures, CT scan to create detailed pictures of internal body structures,  and MRI, which relies on radio waves and strong magnetic field images of your body. 

Information obtained through these tests and physical exams allows a chiropractor to create a treatment plan most suitable for your needs.

Torn ligaments and tendons

Healing of torn ligaments and tendons in the spine may take longer. However, you may notice significant improvement six to eight weeks later. That happens because it’s difficult not to use those injured areas in your daily life.

Spinal discs and cartilage

The longest healing process is in the treatment of injuries affecting spinal discs and cartilage. It usually takes at least three months to feel better, for many patients, even longer.

Always keep in mind that the length of recovery after therapeutic treatments may be different for each patient. The choice of a chiropractor matters too, so always opt for licensed and experienced professionals.

Chiropractor in Fairfax

To alleviate pain and get the most out of chiropractic, you may want to schedule an appointment at Active Family Wellness and see a certified chiropractor. Dr. Gregory Lee DC focuses on providing an optimal level of care, and different chiropractic techniques to his patients help them live healthier lives.


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